Tuesday, July 09, 2013

2013 summer - part I

Well, I've been here since May 31st when I got picked up at Reagan National airport by Molly and my parents.  I was glad to be done with traveling for a while and I think katja would have agreed with me.

Molly, my folks and I got to spend a couple of days together before Molly had to head back to Anchorage and back to work.  We did have a very interesting two days keeping the dogs at peace.  Katja was surprisingly at ease with everyone, but my parents dog, Molly, was not so easily relaxed.  She had to establish her authority several times and each time the situation had to be broken up.  Even after Molly Cobbs and her dogs left, Molly, the dog, was on edge. (Yes I realize that between my girlfriend and my parents dog, my descriptions may be confusing).  Molly (the dog) and katja actually had some altercations of their own, but after the one, katja submitted and they have been great ever since.

Almost immediately after Molly, Scout, and Cooper headed back west, I hopped on my road bike and started getting into shape.  My goal for the summer was to get in at least 500 miles on the bike before I headed back west.  That goal was reached with a week and a half to spare.  I did a lot of riding with the crew from Shepherdstown Pedal and Paddle.  I also got to ride with my buddy, Scott Gordon on one of his "recovery rides."  And of course, I spent many miles by myself reaquainting myself with Washington County roads.

Other highlights and events include fishing on the river.  Molly,  Dad and I started fishing the river by running up to Dam #4 and got into some feeding small mouth bass.  Molly caught her first couple of smallies on the river.  She also got to experience Beaver Creek and Antietam Creek.  She caught her first couple of trout on Antietam.  There will be many more to come.  Dad and I continued to fish the river by riding the bikes to specific walls and ledges on the river and fishing them in the evenings.  Some nights were a little slow and some evenings were outstanding!  We never did get to the big Pennsylvania trout streams.  We did get up to the Savage River for a morning.  Most of our fishing was definitely spent right below our house on the Potomac.

I also had an opportunity to work with DNR and do a fish shocking on Beaver Creek.  I kind of want to go back and fish that a few more mornings, but there is not enough time.  There are some fine
brown trout residing in that spring creek.  I volunteered collecting and recording measurements for the trout in the creek.  Very fun!

The last part of my summer was spent down on the Eastern Shore in Kent and Queen Anne's County visiting my friends (and 2nd family) from Echo Hill Outdoor School.  I met up with many people that I have not seen in many years.  I also got spend a little time on the Skipjack Elsworth helping Capt. Nick and Capt. Andy put the boat away in its slip and secure it safely for next weeks group of young explorers.  Thanks to Michael, Beth, and Everett (and Boe) for hosting me once again.  Thanks to Rob Comfort making our annual ride to Rock Hall happen.

And now, it's time to clean up, get organized, pack up, and re-boot for the 2nd part of my vacation with Molly Cobbs.  Molly and I, with all three dogs, are exploring WA, MT, and ID for a couple of weeks before we venture back up the ALCAN to Anchorage again.  Looking forward to it.

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Angie said...

Hey Dirk,
There were LOTS of folks traveling the Alcan this summer! Sadie & her husband, me, Jamie & Wendy all drove down from Anchorage this summer. I was also shocked by the crazy number of bison on the road. I imagine that you already have your route all planned out, and you just did the drive yourself. If you need a recommendation at all...Liard Hot Springs in BC is pretty sweet! Also...BAnff & Jasper parks, and a great camp spot was in Toad River, either YT or BC. It was a restaurant/motel/cabins/tenting spot on a pond with some very active beavers! It was really neat to hear and see the beavers gnawing away. And they have a large hat collection on the ceiling of the office/motel/restaurant area. Be safe! Enjoy this (maybe last?) year.