Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coastal Weather

I'm not sure if it is Murphy's Law or just my bad Mojo, but every time I want to travel out of the village to do something fun, it turns nasty outside and I can't fly out. When I have to fly out for work purposes, conferences, workshops, etc. , it usually works out. Figures! I just wanted to go into Bethel over my long weekend break for a little skijoring with some friends and perhaps a cold brewsky or two. Here is what the weather turned to 5 hours before I was ready to fly. Now you might ask, "what was the weather like before today?" You will notice blue skies in this short video. Now take away the wind and blowing snow and that is what it was like the morning I was supposed to fly out. Then this kicked in.

We have had quite a winter here this year. We have had more snow that many people can remember, which is fine with me. I love snow and I haven't had a really solid winter since I was out in Utah, over 10 years ago. But the winds have got to go. All of the snow that we do get, just blows away or gets turned into frozen concrete through wind pack. Either way, it doesn't make for good skiing.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is enjoying a pleasant winter where ever you are. Hope you enjoyed the video.
Happy trails,
Dirk and Katja