Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adventure partner

To all my viewers that have been following my exploits in the wilderness, I finally found my adventure partner that has been missing in my life. Who knew I would have to spend 6 1/2 years in Alaska.  All that time finally paid off.  Due to my extreme location, I did have to rely on cyberspace to connect to this amazing woman.  From the moment at which our nano-seconds aligned, we were chatting constantly for about 2 months.  Then this past weekend, I got a visit from one Molly Cobbs of Anchorage.
During her visit, Molly got to see many of the amazing sights in the village of Eek; many of the cozy homes and buildings through town, the Eek dump, the school and my classroom, the frozen tundra on a run with me, and a brilliant display of the stars with almost zero light pollution.  We also hashed out some future adventure plans for the year.  Skiing in the Chugach over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years on the east coast, more Chugach adventures in early January, February, and hopefully March.  Over the summer, there are potential hiking, camping, and of course...fishing adventures in Montana, Idaho, the NW, and Alaska.  So you should expect this woman to be included in many if not all of my future adventures and  I could not have hoped for a better birthday weekend.