Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Contract, Another Year!

So it is done!  I've signed my contract for another teaching year in Eek, Alaska.  I know...I know, I told many friends and family that this last year would be the last year.  Believe me, there is much thought and deliberation that goes into deciding each year whether or not I will return.  This year, I was thankful that I had Molly to bounce ideas off of and after careful consideration of where we are in our relationship and where we are personally, we decided that me staying in the bush for another year, might benefit us in the long run.  Either that, or she is trying to keep her distance from the crazy bush teacher and his semi-feral dog!  Katja is healthy and energetic as ever, always excited for our next adventure.

I've come to terms with my decision and feel pretty confident that it was the wise choice for me right now.  I would like to tend to some unfinished business, particularly another Cross Country & NYO season, and perhaps re-starting our Future Educators of Alaska program at Eek.  Maybe I'll even start playing some basketball with the adults.  Probably not....
I just finished a visit to Anchorage over Easter.  Molly and I got to enjoy another trip down to Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, AK for some more tele skiing.  The weather was very warm and there was plenty of fresh snow which made the skiing spring like.  We also got to ski with some other great people that will hopefully ease my transition into a healthy social scene when I do eventually move to Anchorage.  It was a very good visit.  Previously in early march, we finished the Tour of Anchorage 40K freestyle ski "race."  It is the farthest ski either of us have done in one outing, and we both finished wearing
smiles on our faces.
We are also starting to get our summer plans more finalized!  Quick visit back east together, then meeting up again in WA or ID for a little fishing and back country adventure, and finally making the drive back up to Anchorage together.
So I guess I can say congratulations to all of you out there, because you get to live vicariously through me for another year.  Despite the long intervals of blogging inactivity, the blog is not dead yet!  I'll keep writing if my followers keep reading.  I will try to include more pictures as well.  Until next time, enjoy your spring.