Sunday, July 06, 2014

Adventures in Anchorage

So, I know my posts have fallen short... all right, come to a complete halt recently.  I just feel that I haven't done much out of the ordinary in eek lately, and I guess I've just been plain lazy.

So, I will share some of my adventures in the anchorage area to round out my summer vacation.   Yesterday, Katja and I watched two quarter final World Cup games in our hotel room.  By the end of the second game, we were both feeling restless and guilty for not using such a beautiful day for more outdoor ambitions.

I had to make a quick stop at REI for bear spray (I don't want to risk an encounter without it), and then we headed up to the Glen Alps parking lot to just cruise up Flat Top to stretch our legs.  Apparently, all tourists are told to hike Flat Top while they are in anchorage, because the parking lot was completely full and more people were rolling in.  We dicided to try a different trailhead.

checking the map and trail book a couple of times, we decided to attempt Wolverine or Near Point.  The hike up starts on the Power line trail which is pretty popular and we ran into about a dozen people.  As soon as it started to climb, everyone disappeared and we had the entire trail and mountain to ourselves.  It was fantastic.

The hike down was painful...literally.  Apparently, I never cooled down after my last ride in Maryland, when I was hustled home to avoid a t-storm.  That lactic acid in my legs caused me much suffering, but we made it down.  Eventually, it subsided.

Finished out the evening at Spenard Roadhouse with a fancy Moscow Mule, bacon stuffed mushrooms, and coastal cheddar grits and shrimp for dinner, and a King St. Hefeweizen for dessert!

Turned out to be quite a day!  Tomorrow, the long drive to Fairbanks.