Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Productive Christmas Break!

Christmas break has been truly wonderful this year. I decided that I wasn't going to drive up and down the east coast (all right, MD and PA) trying to visit everyone I knew like I did last year. I just spent some quality time with my folks and some friends that were actually visiting the area as well including some that just live here.
Here are some of the things that I got accomplished during my Christmas break.
1. - Got my parents wireless router to work so that I may update FB and the blog from anywhere in the house on my computer or i-pod touch.

2. - Convinced my Dad that he needed a new computer and then further convinced him that the computer he should purchase is a new i-mac.

3. - Purchased wooden dowel (1 inch) and molded, widdled, sanded, and treated 4 identical Indian Stick Pull sticks for Eek school that will be used in our home NYO meet in early March.

4. - Went to church ... one time!

5. - Helped my parents select a new 10 month old puppy, Miss Molly McWiggles. (as mentioned in previous blog postings).

6. - Six 3 - 5 mile runs along the C & O canal/Potomac River with Katja.

6.5 - Went on a couple of bike rides (once on rollers)

7. - Received a free professional full body massage from my good friend, Aimee Grahe.

8. - Visited a woman who is possibly looking for a new home for her 7 year old male Husky named Maverick. Alaska...Katja's house??? An update will follow.

9. - Participated in my AK Math Consortium class.

10. - Brought in 2011 with good friends, good beers, and good times.

10.5 - Got to catch up with some high school friends from 20 years ago. Thanks Jimmy, Carrie, Billy, and Gaver.

11. - Visited my Grandparents and some other relatives in PA.

12. - Managed to catch a couple of beautiful trout.

All in all, a very productive Christmas break.
Hope you all had a nice Christmas holiday as well.
Thanks for reading.