Friday, April 18, 2008

Katja and the powder bowl

The winds are finally blowing consistently out of the south, which means that the temperatures are slowly going to be warming up. This is already evident, because the snow is getting heavy and slushy. Some areas of tundra are completely exposed where the wind kept the snow from sticking.

Here are some pics in rememberance of the winter playground that I deemed "The Powder Bowl." Enjoy.

It's not quite Steamboat Springs, but it will due for western Alaska.

Sometimes I think that Katja enjoys the powder bowl more than I do. Maybe she just likes giving chase.

Thanks for reading
Katja and Dirk


funky punk said...

Hi Dirk,
We met again at the seminar today. Despite what you're current thought might be, no I am not a stalker. I did see your blog link on Pat's blog though.

You have some nice photos on here. Surfing the powder bowl looks fun. I haven't ever tried downhill skiing. Where are Katja's skis?

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

So cool your photos are!